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css all caps

.uppercase {
  text-transform: uppercase;

#example {
  text-transform: none;	/* No capitalization, the text renders as it is (default) */
  text-transform: capitalize;	/* Transforms the first character of each word to uppercase */
  text-transform: uppercase;	/* Transforms all characters to uppercase */
  text-transform: lowercase;	/* Transforms all characters to lowercase */
  text-transform: initial;	/* Sets this property to its default value */
  text-transform: inherit;	/* Inherits this property from its parent element */
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css capitalize first letter

&::first-letter {
  text-transform: capitalize;
Posted by: Guest on February-14-2021

conveert text to uppercase in input field

<input type="text" class="normal" 
       name="Name" size="20" maxlength="20" 
       style="text-transform:uppercase" />
Posted by: Guest on May-19-2020

How do you make each word in a text start with a capital letter?

h1 {
  text-transform: capitalize;
Posted by: Guest on September-14-2020

css all uppercase to capitalize

.link {
  text-transform: lowercase;

.link::first-line {
  text-transform: capitalize;
Posted by: Guest on May-23-2020

text transform in css

<p >Initial String
  <h2>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</h2>
<div class="heading">
  This will be capitalize

.heading {
  text-transform: capitalize;
text-transform: none;
text-transform: capitalize;
text-transform: uppercase;
text-transform: lowercase;
text-transform: full-width;
text-transform: full-size-kan
Posted by: Guest on September-02-2020

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