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print dart

import 'dart:html';

main() {
  var value = querySelector('input').value;
  print('The value of the input is: $value');
Posted by: Guest on October-29-2020

flutter print

void main() {
    var test = "test";
    print('test = $test');
Posted by: Guest on May-13-2021

print an object dart

/// Since Dart 3.12 you can use 'inspect' 
/// Send a reference to myObject to any attached debuggers.
/// Debuggers may open an inspector on the myObject object.
Posted by: Guest on September-14-2021

dart format print

// Syntaxfinal coflutter = 'Coflutter';
print('Hello ${coflutter}. Your name has ${coflutter.length} characters.');

// Hello Coflutter. Your name has 9 characters.
Posted by: Guest on October-23-2020

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