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haskell zip function

-- here's really only one way to write it for lists, even for homework:
zip :: [a] -> [b] -> [(a,b)]
zip (a:as) (b:bs) = (a,b) : zip as bs
zip _      _      = []

-- or, more generally,

zipWith :: (a -> b -> c) -> [a]->[b]->[c]
zipWith f (a:as) (b:bs) = f a b : zipWith f as bs
zipWith _ _      _      = []
-- If you want to get wacky, and play with stream fusion, the version from the stream fusion 
paper, in automaton style,

zipWith :: (a -> b -> c) -> Stream a -> Stream b -> Stream c
zipWith f (Stream next0 sa0) (Stream next1 sb0) = Stream next (sa0, sb0, Nothing)
    next (sa, sb, Nothing) = case next0 sa of
        Done        -> Done
        Skip    sa' -> Skip (sa', sb, Nothing)
        Yield a sa' -> Skip (sa', sb, Just a)

    next (sa', sb, Just a) = case next1 sb of
        Done        -> Done
        Skip    sb' -> Skip          (sa', sb', Just a)
        Yield b sb' -> Yield (f a b) (sa', sb', Nothing)
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