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opem link in new tab html

<a href="your link" target="_blank">The home page will open in another tab.</a>

<!--  Put target="_blank" as shown -->
Posted by: Guest on July-18-2020

html open link in new tab

<!-- Use the target="_blank" attribute to open a link in a new tab -->
<a href="link" target="_blank">This link is in a new tab.</a>
Posted by: Guest on October-17-2020

a tag open in new tabn

<a target="_blank" href="">Link text</a>
Posted by: Guest on August-01-2020

how to make a link in html that opens in a new tab

add attribute : target = "_blank"
Posted by: Guest on June-07-2020

open new tab href

<a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="http://your_url_here.html">Link</a>
Posted by: Guest on June-01-2020

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