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class in java

Class is a blueprint or template which
you can create as many objects as you 
like. Object is a member or instance
of a class.
Class is declared using class keyword,
Object is created through
new keyword mainly. A class is a template
  for objects. A class defines 
object properties including a valid range
    of values, and a default value. 
A class also describes object behavior.
Posted by: Guest on December-05-2020

using class in java

class Number {
    	int number;
    	// square numbers
    	public boolean isSquare(){
    		double squareRoot = Math.sqrt(number);
    		if(squareRoot == Math.floor(squareRoot))
    			return true;
    		} else {
    			return false;
    	// triangular numbers
    	public boolean isTriangular(){
    		int x = 1;
    		int triangularNumber = 1;
    		while(triangularNumber < number){
    			triangularNumber = triangularNumber + x;
    		if(triangularNumber == number){
    			return true;
    		} else {
    			return false;
    // testing 
    Number myNumber = new Number();
    myNumber.number = 16;
Posted by: Guest on March-11-2020

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