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check if jquery is installed

if (typeof jQuery == "undefined") {
  alert("JQuery is not installed");
} else {
  alert("JQuery is installed correctly!");
Posted by: Guest on July-07-2020

linux command to see all the java version installed

sudo update-alternatives --display java
Posted by: Guest on May-28-2020

check if java is installed windows

type in cmd "java"
Posted by: Guest on September-01-2021

how to check if java is installed

On Windows 10:
Start > Control Panel > Program > Java

If you can't see a Java option then you don't have Java installed.
Otherwise, this should open the Java Control Panel. Click the 'About' 
button to view version information.
Posted by: Guest on August-15-2021

how to check if java is installed on windows 10

Open cmd and write "java -version" if there is intalled, the details will be displayed
Posted by: Guest on September-03-2021

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