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hello world in javascript

// 1. Using console.log()
console.log("Hello World");
// console.log() is used in debugging the code.

// 2. Using alert()
alert("Hello, World!");
// // The alert() method displays an alert box over the current window with the specified message.

// 3. Using document.write()
document.write("Hello, World!");
// // document.write() is used when you want to print the content to the HTML document.
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hello world javascript

// Output Hello World! in the console.
console.log("Hello World!");
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Javascript how to run hello world

var msg = "hello world";
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print hello world in javascript

console.log("Hello, World!");

console.error("Error, World!"); // For errors

console.warn("Warning, World!"); // For warnings

console.clear(); // To clear the console
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javascript hello world

console.log("Hello World!");
Posted by: Guest on May-13-2020

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