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How to uninstall npm modules in node js?

The command is simply npm uninstall <name>
// Here are different options:
// - removes the module from node_modules but 
//   does NOT update package.json
npm uninstall <name>

// - removes it from dependencies in package.json aswell
npm uninstall <name> --save

// - removes it from devDependencies in package.json aswell
npm uninstall <name> --save-dev

// -  also removes it globally 
npm uninstall -g <name> --save 

//    If you're removing a global package, however, any applications 
//    referencing it will crash.

// A local install will be in the node_modules/ directory of your 
//  application. This won't affect the application if a module remains
//  there with no references to it.

// The Node.js documents have all the commands
// that you need to know with npm.
Posted by: Guest on April-16-2020

npm remove dev dependencies from node_modules

npm uninstall --save-dev package_name
Posted by: Guest on May-12-2021

uninstall dependencies npm

npm uninstall <package_name>
npm uninstall mongoose
//A tip ctrl+c helps to terminate a job in terminal
Posted by: Guest on December-07-2020

npm uninstall

npm uninstall <module_name>
Posted by: Guest on May-19-2020

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