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javascript check if number

// The first 2 Variations return a Boolean
// They just work the opposite way around

// IsInteger
if (Number.isInteger(val)) {
	// It is indeed a number

// isNaN (is not a number)
if (isNaN(val)) {
	// It is not a number

// Another option is typeof which return a string
if (typeof(val) === 'number') {
	// Guess what, it's a bloody number!
Posted by: Guest on March-15-2020

javascript check if a value is an int

// The Number.isInteger() checks to see if the passed value is an integer
// Returns true or false

Number.isInteger(2); //True
Number.isInteger(90); //True
Number.isInteger("37"); //False
Number.isInteger(false); //false
Posted by: Guest on March-05-2020

javascript check if a value is a integer number

Number.isInteger(123) //true
Number.isInteger(-123) //true
Number.isInteger(5-2) //true
Number.isInteger(0) //true
Number.isInteger(0.5) //false
Number.isInteger('123') //false
Number.isInteger(false) //false
Number.isInteger(Infinity) //false
Number.isInteger(-Infinity) //false
Number.isInteger(0 / 0) //false
Posted by: Guest on March-30-2020

check if a variable is a number in javascript

// as test cases we have two variables of which 1 is a number and the second one is a string
let x = 7;
let y = "hello"
let result1 = !Number.isNaN(x) // true
let result2 = !Number.isNaN(y) // flase
Posted by: Guest on June-01-2021

To check if a value is a number in JavaScript

const value = 2
isNaN(value) //false
isNaN('test') //true
isNaN({}) //true
isNaN(1.2) //false
Posted by: Guest on April-19-2021

check if value is number

if(typeof num1 == 'number'){
    document.write(num1 + " is a number <br/>");
    document.write(num1 + " is not a number <br/>");
Posted by: Guest on September-12-2021

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