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vue lifecycle

beforeCreate() {
      // before! observe the data and props
    // observing data and props
    // init events
    created() {
      // have access to data and props
      // good time to fetch data and manipulate data on the component
    // check if there is an "el" option and render it.
    // else check if there is a template and render it but not show yet.
    beforeMount() {
      // finish render the template and its child component
      // good time to manipulate data that came back from child component
    // render the template to the real DOM
    mounted() {
      // the template is render and printed on the real DOM
      // if you manipulate the data here its effect on the view that already printed 
    beforeUpdate() {
      // just before any update of the component happens
      // good time to debug what the status before the change
    // the update happens
    updated() {
      // good time to debug what changed
    beforeDestroy() {
      // component before unmounted, time for update the things that happens on this component 
    // clean all events, watchers, and child components
    destroyed() {
      // component unmounted, time for clean ups
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