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how to make a array in javascript

//Im using a let type variable for the example because it's what i reccomend

let exampleArray = ["Example", "Lorem Ispum Dolor", "I think you've got it"]

//Here's how you select a single object in the list


/*In Javascript the arrays start counting at 0 which means i selected the 2nd
object in the list(Lorem Ispum Dolor) so if i wanna select the first array i
must type*/


/*Now let's say you want to display it on the console, like let's say you are 
coding in Node.js and you wanna see the value of the array.
P.S: In the example im gonna show all the values of the array.*/

console.log(exampleArray[0, 1, 2]
Posted by: Guest on October-07-2020

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