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name selector jquery

$('td[name ="tcol1"]')   // matches exactly 'tcol1'
$('td[name^="tcol"]' )   // matches those that begin with 'tcol'
$('td[name$="tcol"]' )   // matches those that end with 'tcol'
$('td[name*="tcol"]' )   // matches those that contain 'tcol'
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jquery in html

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
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selector in jquery

$("*")                      // all elements
$("p.demo")                 // <p> elements with class="intro"
$("p:first")                // the first <p> element
$("p span")                 // span, descendant of p
$("p > span")               // span, direct child of p
$("p + span")               // span immediately proceeded by a p
$("p ~ span")               // strong element proceeded by p
$("ul li:first")            // the first <li> element of the first <ul>
$("ul li:first-child")      // the first <li> element of every <ul>
$("ul li:nth-child(3)")     // third child
$("[href]")                 // any element with an href attribute
$("a[target='_blank']")     // <a> elements with a target "_blank" attribute
$("a[target!='_blank']")    // <a> elements with a target attribute value other than "_blank"
$(":input")                 // all form elements
$(":button")                // <button> and <input> elements of type="button"
$("tr:even")                // even <tr> elements
$("tr:odd")                 // odd <tr> elements
$("span:parent")            // element which has child element
$("span:contains('demo')")  // element conaining the specified text
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