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jquery set data attribute value

//<div id="myElementID" data-myvalue="37"></div>
var a = $('#myElementID').data('myvalue'); //get myvalue
$('#myElementID').data('myvalue',38); //set myvalue
Posted by: Guest on October-23-2019

set data attribute with a string jquery

alert($('#outer').html());   // alerts <div id="mydiv" data-myval="10"> </div>
var a = $('#mydiv').data('myval'); //getter
$('#mydiv').attr("data-myval","20"); //setter
alert($('#outer').html());   //alerts <div id="mydiv" data-myval="20"> </div>
Posted by: Guest on September-18-2020

set custom data attribute jquery

//set the custom data value
let mainDiv = $('#yourDivId').data('anyName', value);
//access the custom data value'anyName');
Posted by: Guest on May-27-2021

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