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See process on port

netstat -ano | findstr 8080Code language: Bash (bash)
Posted by: Guest on May-12-2021

javascript replace spaces with dashes

title = title.replace(/\s/g , "-");
Posted by: Guest on August-24-2020

js replace space with dash

// replaces space with '-'
str = str.replace(/ /g, "-");
// or
str = str.split(' ').join('-');
Posted by: Guest on May-11-2021

javascript replace all spaces with dashes

let originalText = 'This is my text';
let dashedText = originalText.replace(/ /g, '-');
Posted by: Guest on December-04-2020

replace all spaces with dash in javascript

title = title.replace(/\s/g , "-");
var html = "<div>" + title + "</div>";
// ...
Posted by: Guest on July-16-2020

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