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intval js


let string = "321"
console.log(string); // "321" <= string

let number = parseInt(string);
console.log(number) // 321 <=int
Posted by: Guest on June-10-2020

how to take value from html text box using parseint javascript


<!-- First set up your input box within the <body> tag -->
<input id="example"> <!-- you are able to set the id to whatever you like,
						just make sure it is unique to your page and is
						understandable -->

<script> <!-- Use this tag within the body to write javascript in -->

<!-- Inside the script tag, use parseInt() to grab value and assign it 
to a variable to use later -->
  var examplevar = parseInt(document.getElementById("example").value);
<!-- Make sure to set the identifier/id of the .geteElementBy tag to the id of
the textbox you want to grab the value from, or else it will result in
 an error message. -->

<!-- You now have a variable that can be used for math equations in 
javascript -->
Posted by: Guest on June-14-2020

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