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how to uncheck a checkbox in jquery

$("#myCheckBox").prop("checked", false);
Posted by: Guest on October-08-2020

Setting “checked” for a checkbox with jQuery

$('.myCheckbox').prop('checked', true);
$('.myCheckbox').prop('checked', false);
Posted by: Guest on May-19-2020

jquery set checkbox checked unchecked

//jQuery 1.6+ use
$('.checkbox').prop('checked', true);  //false for uncheck
//jQuery 1.5.x and below use
$('.checkbox').attr('checked', true);  //false for uncheck
Posted by: Guest on July-10-2020

jquery set checkbox

//jQuery 1.6+ use:
$('.checkboxClass').prop('checked', true);
//jQuery 1.5.x and below use:
$('.checkboxClass').attr('checked', true);
Posted by: Guest on July-22-2019

jquery uncheck checkbox

$('#myCheckbox').prop('checked', true); // Checks it
$('#myCheckbox').prop('checked', false); // Unchecks it
Posted by: Guest on January-24-2021

jquery in checkbox checked

// Check a checkbox
$(selector).prop('checked', true);
// Un-check a checkbox
$(selector).prop('checked', false);
// Determine if checked or not
isChecked = $(selector).prop('checked');
Posted by: Guest on July-01-2020

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