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react native clear cach

watchman watch-del-all && 
rm -rf $TMPDIR/react-native-packager-cache-* &&
rm -rf $TMPDIR/metro-bundler-cache-* && 
rm -rf node_modules/ 
&& npm cache clean --force &&
npm install && 
npm start -- --reset-cache
Posted by: Guest on February-01-2021

npm start reset cache

npm start -- --reset-cache
Posted by: Guest on October-06-2020

react native cache clear

Windows Command =>
npm cache clean --force
Posted by: Guest on June-03-2021

yarn start --reset-cache

watchman watch-del-all && rm -f yarn.lock && rm -rf node_modules && yarn && yarn start --reset-cache
Posted by: Guest on November-19-2020

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