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javascript counting when clicking a button

var myButton = document.getElementById("my-button");
//Getting the button with "my-button" as id.
var myOutput = document.getElementById("my-output");
//Getting the id for the tag where you want to output your number
var startNumber = 0;

/*Creating a function where it adds 1 to the startNumber variable
for every time you click on myButton.*/
function addToNumber(){
	//Using template literal here.
	myOutput.innerHTML = `The current number is: ${1+startNumber++}`;
	/*Sets the startNumber to 1+ startNumber++.
 	This makes it look like it starts to count from 1 and not 0
    the first time you click the the button.*/
myButton.onclick = addToNumber;
Posted by: Guest on September-28-2020

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