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javascript check if object is empty

function isObjectEmpty(obj) {
    return Object.keys(obj).length === 0;
Posted by: Guest on July-24-2019

javascript check empty object

function isEmptyObject(obj) {
    return !Object.keys(obj).length;
Posted by: Guest on May-02-2020

js check if object is empty

> !!Object.keys(obj).length;
Posted by: Guest on December-02-2020

javascript test for empty object

// because Object.entries(new Date()).length === 0;
// we have to do some additional check
Object.entries(obj).length === 0 && obj.constructor === Object
Posted by: Guest on February-20-2020

how to check if a javascript object is empty

function isEmpty(obj) {    return Object.keys(obj).length === 0;}
Posted by: Guest on December-18-2020

check if js object is empty

JSON.stringify({}) !== '{}';
Posted by: Guest on October-04-2020

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