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javascript convert between string and ascii

let ascii = 'a'.charCodeAt(0); // 97
let char = String.fromCharCode(ascii); // 'a'
Posted by: Guest on May-27-2020

character to ascii javascript

"ABC".charCodeAt(0) // returns 65
Posted by: Guest on August-18-2020

character to ascii in js

'a'.charCodeAt(0)//returns 97, where '0' is the index of the string 'a'
Posted by: Guest on April-23-2020

how to return character associated to character code javascript

// expected output: "A"
Posted by: Guest on April-05-2020

Javascript convert character to ascii

var myVar='A';
var myVarAscii = myVar.charCodeAt(0); //convert 'A' character to it's ASCII code (65)
Posted by: Guest on July-25-2019

charcodeAt javascript

const sentence = 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.';

const index = 4;
// return the chartcode of the character with index N°4
const charcode= sentence.charCodeAt(index);
console.log (charcode);  
// expected output: "The character code 113 is equal to q"

// remember that charCodeAt return the code on ♦ keypress event ♦
Posted by: Guest on April-25-2021

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