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check type javascript

console.log(typeof "how are you?")
console.log(typeof false) / console.log(typeof true)
console.log(typeof 100)
Posted by: Guest on November-04-2020

check data type in js

typeof("string"); //string
typeof(123); //number
Posted by: Guest on July-25-2020

type of javascript

//typeof() will return the type of value in its parameters.
//some examples of types: undefined, NaN, number, string, object, array

//example of a practical usage
if (typeof(value) !== "undefined") {//also, make sure that the type name is a string
  	//execute code
Posted by: Guest on April-02-2020

check data type in js

typeof("iAmAString");//This should return 'string'
//NO camelCase, as it is a JS Keyword
Posted by: Guest on March-21-2020

javascript type checking

var trueTypeOf = function (obj) {
	return, -1).toLowerCase();

// Returns "array"

// Returns "date"
trueTypeOf(new Date());
Posted by: Guest on July-15-2021

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