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javascript remove property from object

var person = {"first_name": "Billy","last_name": "Johnson"};
delete person.last_name; //delete last_name property
Posted by: Guest on July-19-2019

javscript remove a property

var myObject = {
    "name": "jon",
    "gender": "male",
    "registered": "yes"
delete myObject.gender;


//other methods
delete myObject.gender;
// or,
delete myObject['gender'];
// or,
var prop = "gender";
delete myObject[prop];
Posted by: Guest on July-06-2020

how to remove a property from an object in javascript

var person = {
        name: "Harry",
        age: 16,
        gender: "Male"
    // Deleting a property completely
    delete person.age;
    alert(person.age); // Outputs: undefined
    console.log(person); // Prints: {name: "Harry", gender: "Male"}
Posted by: Guest on April-25-2020

how to delete object properties in javascript

// Creates a new object, myobj, with two properties, a and b.
var myobj = new Object;
myobj.a = 5;
myobj.b = 12;

// Removes the a property, leaving myobj with only the b property.
delete myobj.a;
console.log ('a' in myobj); // output: "false"
Posted by: Guest on July-06-2021

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