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git unstage file for commit

git reset myfilename.txt
Posted by: Guest on February-28-2020

git collab

[Assuming you you have cloned the repo to your desktop, not a fork]

		Get into a branch to work on your stuff 
		-Git checkout -b < new branch>  -or- git checkout <ur branch>
1. git add .  -or- 	git add <file/folder name>
2. git commit –m “...”   (these now saved on ur branch)
3. git checkout master (change over to the master branch)
4. git pull origin master (branch up to date w master)
5. git checkout (get to the branch u were working on)
6. git merge master 
	( if anything different, not your new code but, other stuff 
    … you will have a merge conflict)
	--- > Go into your code and compare your code vs. master 
    	  delete as needed ... both are color coded to compare
          ... save one, delete the other ... your call
7. git add .  (Add the final changes)
8. git commit –m “…”
9. git push origin master
10.  Go into the repo and make a pull request
Posted by: Guest on June-20-2020


ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "<comment>"
Posted by: Guest on May-18-2021


cat ~/.ssh/ | clip
Posted by: Guest on July-06-2020


cat ~/.ssh/
Posted by: Guest on September-10-2021

gitflow atlassian

$ git flow hotfix start hotfix_branch
Posted by: Guest on April-10-2020

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