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momentjs number of days between two dates

var given = moment("2018-03-10", "YYYY-MM-DD");
var current = moment().startOf('day');

//Difference in number of days
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moment date difference in days

moment(new Date()).diff(moment(new Date()), 'days') // 0
Posted by: Guest on March-02-2021

moment js between two dates

// moment version => 2.13.0.
const start = moment().subtract(1, 'days');
const end = new Date();
const actual = moment().subtract(1, 'hours');
const test = moment(actual).isBetween(start, end);
// moment version < 2.13.0.
var startDate = new Date(2013, 1, 12)
  , endDate   = new Date(2013, 1, 15)
  , date  = new Date(2013, 2, 15)
  , range = moment().range(startDate, endDate);
Posted by: Guest on June-28-2020

moment js date between two dates

target.isBetween(start, finish, 'days', '()') // default exclusive
target.isBetween(start, finish, 'days', '(]') // right inclusive
target.isBetween(start, finish, 'days', '[)') // left inclusive
target.isBetween(start, finish, 'days', '[]') // all inclusive
Posted by: Guest on February-08-2021

using moment to get number of days between two dates

moment diff sample
Posted by: Guest on July-09-2021

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