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how to use adminlte in reacts

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import AdminLTE, { Sidebar, Content, Row, Col, Box, Button } from 'adminlte-2-react';

const { Item } = Sidebar;

class HelloWorld extends Component {
  state = {}

  render() {
    return (<Content title="Hello World" subTitle="Getting started with adminlte-2-react" browserTitle="Hello World">
        <Col xs={6}>
          <Box title="My first box" type="primary" closable collapsable footer={<Button type="danger" text="Danger Button" />}>
            Hello World
        <Col xs={6}>
          <Box title="Another box">
            Content goes here

class App extends Component {

  sidebar = [
    <Item key="hello" text="Hello" to="/hello-world" />

  render() {
    return (
      <AdminLTE title={["Hello", "World"]} titleShort={["He", "we"]} theme="blue" sidebar={this.sidebar}>
        <HelloWorld path="/hello-world" />

export default App;
Posted by: Guest on May-17-2021

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