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call javascript function from php

// The most basic method
echo '<script type="text/javascript">',
     'someJsFunc();', // Or Whatever
// However, if what you are trying to achieve requires more complexity,
// You might be better off adding the V8JS module, see link below
Posted by: Guest on March-04-2020

call php function in js

  var phpadd= <?php echo add(1,2);?> //call the php add function
  var phpmult= <?php echo mult(1,2);?> //call the php mult function
  var phpdivide= <?php echo divide(1,2);?> //call the php divide function
Posted by: Guest on April-07-2020

how to call js function from php

 if(your condition){
     echo "<script> window.onload = function() {
     yourJavascriptFunction(param1, param2);
 }; </script>";
Posted by: Guest on June-08-2020

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