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Capitalize in php

$foo = 'bonjour tout le monde!';
$foo = ucfirst($foo);             // Bonjour tout le monde!

$bar = ucfirst($bar);             // BONJOUR TOUT LE MONDE!
$bar = ucfirst(strtolower($bar)); // Bonjour tout le monde!
Posted by: Guest on June-12-2021

php words capitalized

	This only Capitalizes words in a string that are entirely alphabetic 
    and other words are made UPPERCASE
    Works well if you have a string  of words containing a mixture
    of English words and part codes etc
$words = explode(" ", $originalString);
$finalString = "";
	foreach($words as $word) {
		if(ctype_alpha($word)) {
			$word = ucfirst(strtolower($word));
		else {
			$word = strtoupper($word);
		$finalString .= $word." ";
echo rtrim($finalString);
Posted by: Guest on July-15-2021

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