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how to remove first element in array php

$stack = array("orange", "banana", "apple", "raspberry");
$fruit = array_shift($stack);

// Array
// (
//     [0] => banana
//     [1] => apple
//     [2] => raspberry
// )
Posted by: Guest on March-27-2020

remove first element in array php

$arr = [1,2,3,4];
print_r($arr); // [2,3,4]
Posted by: Guest on July-27-2020

array shift php

array_shift — Shift an element off the beginning of array
array_shift($array) shifts the first value of the array off and returns it,
shortening the array by one element and moving everything down. All numerical
array keys will be modified to start counting from zero while literal keys 
won't be affected.
Posted by: Guest on October-22-2020

array shift php

echo array_shift($a);
print_r ($a);
The array_shift() function removes the first element from an array, and returns the value of the removed element.

Note: If the keys are numeric, all elements will get new keys, starting from 0 and increases by 1 (See example below).
Posted by: Guest on September-07-2021

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