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linux python installation wheel

python -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel
Posted by: Guest on November-10-2020

how to install python libraries

python -m pip install SomePackage
Posted by: Guest on June-11-2020

install python package

pip3/pip2 install <package>
Posted by: Guest on December-09-2020

install packages with pip from python

pip3 install <package_name>
Posted by: Guest on May-28-2020

pip upgrade python

pip freeze | %{$_.split('==')[0]} | %{pip install --upgrade $_}
Posted by: Guest on October-06-2020

pip install python

"""to install a python module just use pip command"""
"""open cmd as administrator and write this command"""
pip install <package-name>
"""for ex. pip install pandas"""
##before writing command first change environment variable to your pip file location
Posted by: Guest on November-04-2020

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