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how to install django on windows

Application Case: app

1 - Download and install python

2 - Create a dirctory in drive C for your python project

3 - Open Windows Command Prompt

4 - Navigate and change directory to your python project folder

5 - Then Type the below commands, press enter key after each command;
    c:>py -m venv env

6 - After typing the commands, the prompt will to the below with (env) in front of c:
    (env) C:python-django>

7 - Then type the below command
    (env) C:python-django>pip install django

8 - After django has finsihed insalling, type the below command to start a new project
    (env) C:python-django>django-admin startproject hotmessages

9 - Change directory to project folder as below
    (env) C:python-django>cd hotmessages

10 - Then type the below command
    (env) C:python-django>python migrate

10 - Create a super user the controls main login
    (env) C:python-django>python createsuperuser

11 - Provide your username and password to proceed

12 - Run python server to see your application
    (env) C:python-django>python runserver

13 - Check Application running via, type this link on your browser

14 - Check the Admin Section via, type this link on your browser

15 - Create your app by typing the code below
    (env) C:python-django>python startapp hotmessages_app
*Important things to do
(1) Ensure your add your app directory name in the settings folder as below
 Hope this helps
 - Atsu Emmanuel
 [email protected]
Posted by: Guest on November-29-2020

django setup in windows

...> py -m pip install Django
Posted by: Guest on May-12-2020

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