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python read file line by line

with open("file.txt") as file_in:
    lines = []
    for line in file_in:
Posted by: Guest on March-03-2020

python read file line by line

file1 = open('myfile.txt', 'r')
Lines = file1.readlines()
# usage:
count = 0
for line in Lines:
    count += 1
    print("Line{}: {}".format(count, line.strip()))
Posted by: Guest on March-21-2021

how to read a text file line by line in python

# Open the file with read only permit
f = open('my_text_file.txt')
# use readline() to read the first line 
line = f.readline()
# use the read line to read further.
# If the file is not empty keep reading one line
# at a time, till the file is empty
while line:
    # in python 2+
    # print line
    # in python 3 print is a builtin function, so
    # use realine() to read next line
    line = f.readline()
Posted by: Guest on September-07-2020

Read text file line by line using the readline() function

# Program to read all the lines in a file using readline() function
file = open("python.txt", "r")
while True:
	if not content:
Posted by: Guest on September-25-2021

read line of a file in python

file1 = open('myfile.txt', 'r')#open the file (mode read)
count = 0 #used to count the lines

for line in Lines:
	line = file1.readline()#read a single line
    if not line:
    count += 1
    print("Line{}: {}".format(count, line))#print the lines with their number
Posted by: Guest on April-18-2021

read a file line-byline in python

filepath = 'Iliad.txt'
with open(filepath) as fp:
   line = fp.readline()
   cnt = 1
   while line:
       print("Line {}: {}".format(cnt, line.strip()))
       line = fp.readline()
       cnt += 1
Posted by: Guest on November-03-2021

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