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start django

pip install django # Install Django Packages
django-admin startproject project_name # Create a Project
cd project_name
python makemigrations # Create new migrations
python migrate # Apply Migrations
python createsuperuser # Create User for admin
python runserver # Start Server

python startapp sub_module # Create a sub app
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django basic steps

# --------- Basic steps for working with Django on a MAC ---------- #

 1º - Create a virtual environment by giving this command:
 >> python3 -m venv "name_of_env"  
 2º - Activate this virtual environment:

 >> source "name_of_env"/bin/activate  

 3º - Now you can install Django:
 >> pip3 install django  
 4º - To initiate a project in Django:

 >> django-admin startproject "projectName"
 >> cd projectName

 5º - To run the server, you need to go to the directory containing and from there enter the command:
 >> python3 runserver

 6º - To create a basic app in your Django project you need to go 
      to the directory containing and from there enter 
      the command:

 >> python3 startapp "projectAppName"

 7º - You need to include the app in our main project so that 
      urls redirected to that app can be rendered. Move to 
      "projectName" -> "projectName" -> and change the
from django.contrib import admin 
from django.urls import path, include 
urlpatterns = [ 
    # Enter the app name in following syntax for this to work 
    path('', include("projectApp.urls")), 
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create django project

$ python startapp polls
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django create new project

django-admin startproject {project-name}
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start a django project

start django project
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