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get pytorch version

import torch
Posted by: Guest on April-26-2020

install pytorch for cuda 10.0

# CUDA 10.2
pip install torch==1.6.0 torchvision==0.7.0

# CUDA 10.1
pip install torch==1.6.0+cu101 torchvision==0.7.0+cu101 -f

# CUDA 9.2
pip install torch==1.6.0+cu92 torchvision==0.7.0+cu92 -f

# CPU only
pip install torch==1.6.0+cpu torchvision==0.7.0+cpu -f
Posted by: Guest on November-11-2020

how to install torch cuda 11

pip install torch==1.7.1+cu110 torchvision==0.8.2+cu110 torchaudio===0.7.2 -f
Posted by: Guest on January-03-2021

conda install pytorch

conda install pytorch torchvision torchaudio cudatoolkit=10.2 -c pytorch
Posted by: Guest on November-22-2020

cuda 10 install pytorch

# CUDA 9.2
conda install pytorch==1.2.0 torchvision==0.4.0 cudatoolkit=9.2 -c pytorch

# CUDA 10.0
conda install pytorch==1.2.0 torchvision==0.4.0 cudatoolkit=10.0 -c pytorch

# CPU Only
conda install pytorch==1.2.0 torchvision==0.4.0 cpuonly -c pytorch
Posted by: Guest on May-16-2020

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