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executing shell commands from python script

import subprocess["bash", ""])
#we don't have to give full path to the shell script. It always execute from the current directory

#As a rule of thumb, you need to separate the arguments based on space, 
#for example ls -alh would be ["ls", "-alh"], while ls -a -l -h, 
#would be ["ls", "-a", -"l", "-h"]. As another example, 
#echo hello world would be ["echo", "hello", "world"], 
#whereas echo "hello world" or echo hello world would 
#be ["echo", "hello world"].

#Another example.
list_files =["ls", "-l"])
print("The exit code was: %d" % list_files.returncode)
Posted by: Guest on March-16-2021

execute command in python script

import os

os.system("ma Commande")


os.system("cd Documents")
Posted by: Guest on June-10-2020

python bash command

import os
Posted by: Guest on August-28-2020

how to run cmd line commands in python

import os

os.system("javac")# or something....
Posted by: Guest on June-26-2020

how to execute bash commands in python script

import subprocess["sudo", "apt", "update"])
Posted by: Guest on November-17-2019

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