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python optional arguments

def myfunc(a,b, *args, **kwargs):
      c = kwargs.get('c', None)
      d = kwargs.get('d', None)
myfunc(a,b, c='nick', d='dog', ...)
Posted by: Guest on February-10-2020

how to make an argument optional in python

#set the variable = to None, and then write over none if there the argument 
#is used.
async def joke(ctx, args=None):
    if args == None:
        await ctx.send('you :D')
        await ctx.send('%s is the true joke' % args)
Posted by: Guest on May-18-2021

optional parameter in python

def to_smash(total_candies, n_friends=3):
    return total_candies % n_friends
 #Here n_friends is Optional Parameter
Posted by: Guest on December-02-2020

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