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python download file from google drive

def download_file_from_google_drive(id, destination):
    URL = ""

    session = requests.Session()

    response = session.get(URL, params = { 'id' : id }, stream = True)
    token = get_confirm_token(response)

    if token:
        params = { 'id' : id, 'confirm' : token }
        response = session.get(URL, params = params, stream = True)

    save_response_content(response, destination)    

def get_confirm_token(response):
    for key, value in response.cookies.items():
        if key.startswith('download_warning'):
            return value

    return None

def save_response_content(response, destination):
    CHUNK_SIZE = 32768

    with open(destination, "wb") as f:
        for chunk in response.iter_content(CHUNK_SIZE):
            if chunk: # filter out keep-alive new chunks

file_id = '0B1fGSuBXAh1IeEpzajRISkNHckU'
destination = '/home/myusername/work/myfile.ext'
download_file_from_google_drive(file_id, destination)
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