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web server python

# Creating a Web server using Python and Flask

from flask import Flask

app = Flask('app')

def run():
    return '<h1>Hello, Server!</h1>' = '', port = 8080)
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http server in python

# this program serves files from the server, if not found then returns 404

# Import socket module
from socket import *    

# Create a TCP server socket
#(AF_INET is used for IPv4 protocols)
#(SOCK_STREAM is used for TCP)

serverSocket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)

# Assign a port number
serverPort = 6789

# Bind the socket to server address and server port
serverSocket.bind(("", serverPort))

# Listen to at most 1 connection at a time

# Server should be up and running and listening to the incoming connections
while True:
	print('Ready to serve...')
	# Set up a new connection from the client
	connectionSocket, addr = serverSocket.accept()
	# If an exception occurs during the execution of try clause
	# the rest of the clause is skipped
	# If the exception type matches the word after except
	# the except clause is executed
		# Receives the request message from the client
		message =  connectionSocket.recv(1024)
		# Extract the path of the requested object from the message
		# The path is the second part of HTTP header, identified by [1]
		filename = message.split()[1]
		# Because the extracted path of the HTTP request includes 
		# a character '', we read the path from the second character 
		f = open(filename[1:])
		# Store the entire contenet of the requested file in a temporary buffer
		outputdata =
		# Send the HTTP response header line to the connection socket
		connectionSocket.send(str.encode("HTTP/1.1 200 OKrnrn"))
		# Send the content of the requested file to the connection socket
		for i in range(0, len(outputdata)):  
		# Close the client connection socket

	except IOError:
		# Send HTTP response message for file not found
		connectionSocket.send(str.encode("HTTP/1.1 404 Not Foundrnrn"))
		connectionSocket.send(str.encode("<html><head></head><body><h1>404 Not Found</h1></body></html>rn"))
		# Close the client connection socket

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