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write to google sheets python

"Same As Above but it was missing step 8!"
from oauth2client.service_account import ServiceAccountCredentials
import gspread

scope = ['', '',
         '', '']

#Generate a json file by using service account auth in google developer console
1) Enable API Access for a Project if you haven’t done it yet.
2) Go to “APIs & Services > Credentials” and choose “Create credentials > Service account key”.
3) Fill out the form
4) Click “Create” and “Done”.
5) Press “Manage service accounts” above Service Accounts.
6) Press on ⋮ near recently created service account and select “Manage keys” and then click on “ADD KEY > Create new key”.
7) Select JSON key type and press “Create”.
8) Go to the google sheet and share the sheet with the email from service accounts.
creds = ServiceAccountCredentials.from_json_keyfile_name('mod.json', scope)
client = gspread.authorize(creds)

sheet = client.open_by_url("#Paste yout google sheet url here").sheet1

data = sheet.get_all_records()

sheet.update_cell(1, 1, "You made it") #Write this message in first row and first column

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google sheet python read

# google sheet package
from gsheets import Sheets

# Authorizing the api
#create oath credentials and generate a json file and paste here
sheets = Sheets.from_files('FD4GS.json', 'FD4GS_cache.json')

vi1 = sheets.get('#Paste your sheet id')

vi1_form1_ws = vi1.sheets[0] #Sheet range

entries1 = vi1_form1_ws.values()[1:] #Here I'm traversing from 2nd columns

entries1 = [(i[2], i[6], i[1]) for i in entries1] # This represent, in my spread sheet I have 6 columns
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python to google sheets

# see the source first and follow the instuctions on it before running this script

import pygsheets
import pandas as pd
gc = pygsheets.authorize(service_file='/Users/erikrood/desktop/QS_Model/creds.json')

# Create empty dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame()

# Create a column
df['name'] = ['John', 'Steve', 'Sarah']

#open the google spreadsheet (where 'PY to Gsheet Test' is the name of my sheet)
sh ='PY to Gsheet Test')

#select the first sheet 
wks = sh[0]

#update the first sheet with df, starting at cell B2. 
Posted by: Guest on July-23-2021

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