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multiline comment in python

# Python is a language that doesn't support multiline comments
# In languages like JS, single line comments have // in the beginning
# and multiline comments have /* in the beginning
# and */ in the end
# the pound symbol in front of these five lines is the python equivalent of //
print("But there is a workaround!!!")
In python, multiline string is written with 3 double or single quotes, 
and the characters in between are treated as an entire string
but, if this string isn't assigned to a variable, python doesnt give any error
It instead ignores the string, similar to the behaviour it would have 
towards a comment. 
If this is string is put just after defining a function, it is treated as a 
docstring, or the documentation string of that function. So, it does have a 
meaning and is not exactly ignored by Python
def someFUnc():
  Python will treat this as a docstring


#   Python will treat this as a docstring
Posted by: Guest on January-16-2021

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