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python count files directory

import os
Posted by: Guest on April-03-2020

python count files directory

# accepts any number of paths, 
# returns the total amound of files (not dirs) that are in the given paths
# looks recursively

def countFiles(*paths):
    :param paths: list of all paths, the number of files are added
    :return: return the number of files (not directories) in the folders recursively (subfolders are checked as well)
    def helper(path: str):
        count = 0
        # iterate through all files and dir names in path
        for fileName in os.listdir(path):
            filePath = join(path, fileName)
            if isfile(filePath): # if file, increment
                count += 1
            elif isdir(filePath): # if dir, recursively count files in dir
                count += helper(filePath)
        return count

    numFiles = 0
    for path in paths:
        numFiles += helper(path)
    return numFiles
Posted by: Guest on April-18-2021

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