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how to check python version

# To check your Python version in the command line use:
python --version

# To check your Python verson inside a script use:
import sys
Posted by: Guest on February-29-2020

check python version mac

# To check python 3 version type in the terimnal:

python3 --version

# To check python 2 version just type:

python --version

# If any errors come up then that means python isn't installed on your
# system.
Posted by: Guest on April-18-2021

terminal python version

# in python
$ python --version

# in python3
$ python3 --version
Posted by: Guest on May-28-2020

how to find python version

python --version
Posted by: Guest on April-28-2020

how to check if python is installed on mac

Hi this is way simple..

Open terminal on your mac
Then type python - - version
If its give an error that means there is no python installed if it gives you the version number then python is installed..

Any by default python comes installed but the answer was just to make sure you do understand..

Good luck with learning python.. If you need any more with hacking and python let me know i have a YouTube channel just specifically for helping people getting started with hacking and. programming..
Posted by: Guest on March-20-2021

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