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how to code in python

#if its your first time start with this
print("hello world")
#now learn about input
input("whats your name")
#if statements and variables
run = True
if run == True:
#now lets combine our knowledge
print("Whats your name")
name = input("")
print("Hello, " + name)
Posted by: Guest on May-04-2021

how to get started with python

#the best way to start with anything is not to rush and start with the basics
#python however is really good for begginers as it is easy to read and understaned
#and has relatively easy syntax so dont spend a lot of time on the basics like
#print() and if  rather learn the basics and learn about the libraries 
#and a good way to learn about the libraries is if you are also
#struggling to find motivation for programming the best way to work around it is
#to learn how dopamine works in your brain and how to use it in progoramming
#for that use the video
#for a good IDE i reccomend pycharm
#and remember programming is not something you should remember to be good 
#programming is something you need to understand and to be a good programmer you 
# need to know how to put the internet to a good use and to know where to search

#if this helped leave it an upvote 
#rubel1130 :)
Posted by: Guest on May-11-2020

how to learn python

Great foundation for basics"
Posted by: Guest on February-29-2020

how to get ********** on python

bruh i just wanted to know the formula thing to get the title to be like ****yo*****
Posted by: Guest on October-29-2020

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