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get environment variable python

import os

# Set environment variables
os.environ['API_USER'] = 'username'
os.environ['API_PASSWORD'] = 'secret'

# Get environment variables
USER = os.getenv('API_USER')
PASSWORD = os.environ.get('API_PASSWORD')

# Getting non-existent keys
FOO = os.getenv('FOO') # None
BAR = os.environ.get('BAR') # None
BAZ = os.environ['BAZ'] # KeyError: key does not exist.
Posted by: Guest on June-15-2020

get all environment variables python

""" lists environment variables, and splits elements in path variable """
import os

for k, v in sorted(os.environ.items()):
    print(k+':', v)
# list elements in path environment variable
[print(item) for item in os.environ['PATH'].split(';')]
Posted by: Guest on October-20-2020

information of environment variables in python

import os
Posted by: Guest on January-12-2021

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