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delete file linux terminal

rm filename
# or add -rf if you don't want to see confirm
Posted by: Guest on May-01-2020

remove a file or dir in linux or mac or ubuntu

note:your_file_name can be a dir or a file 

sudo rm -r your_file_name
Posted by: Guest on May-11-2020

delete all files with specific name ubuntu

find -type f -name '*text*' -delete
Posted by: Guest on June-08-2020

bash delete file

rm YourFileName.ext

# rm [option(s)-if-any] <your-file-name-with-extension>

# +---------+------------------------------------------------------------------+
# | OPTIONS |  DESCRIPTION                                                     |
# +---------+------------------------------------------------------------------+
# |   -f    |  Force: ignore nonexistent files, never prompt                   |
# |   -i    |  Interactive: prompt before every removal                        |
# |   -I    |  Interactive: only prompt before removing more than three files  |
# |   -r    |  Recursive: remove directories and their contents recursively    |
# |   -v    |  Verbose:  explain what is being done                            |
# +---------+------------------------------------------------------------------+
Posted by: Guest on June-24-2020

linux terminal delete file

rm filename
Posted by: Guest on March-11-2021

how to delete file using bash

rm <filename>
rm something.html
rm ./dist/something.html
Posted by: Guest on November-24-2020

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