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npm install package globally

npm install packagename -g

npm install express -g
Posted by: Guest on June-15-2020

how to install any package in node.js

#how to install any specific package in nodejs Application
# Syntex
npm install packagename

# example:
npm install express
npm i express

#if you install globally then type 
npm install express -g
Posted by: Guest on June-15-2020

install npm package globally

npm install package-name -g
Posted by: Guest on May-25-2020

what is npm global install

flag for npm install ... installs a module globally on your system.
good for tools, utilities you will use in more than one project
--global flag when running the install command
it puts the module in a system directory
rather than locally (to the current directory).
Posted by: Guest on November-22-2020

how to install npm packages globally

npm i -g <package>
Posted by: Guest on September-29-2020

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