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commit to a new branch

git checkout -b your-new-branch
git add <files>
git commit -m <message>

First, checkout your new branch. 
Then add all the files you want to commit to staging. 
Lastly, commit all the files you just added. 
You might want to do a git push origin your-new-branch afterward so your changes show up on the remote.
Posted by: Guest on May-23-2020

git create branch with specific commit

# Create a new branch from previous commit's hash
git branch develop 04c900c
# Push the new branch to remote repository
git push --set-upstream origin develop
# Checkout the new branch
git checkout develop
Posted by: Guest on August-20-2020

how to commit a branch in git

git commit -m "added my github name"
Posted by: Guest on April-14-2020

git branch from commit

You can create the branch via a hash:

git branch branchname <sha1-of-commit>
Or by using a symbolic reference:

git branch branchname HEAD~3
To checkout the branch when creating it, use

git checkout -b branchname <sha1-of-commit or HEAD~3>
Posted by: Guest on July-30-2020

git create branch from commit

git branch branchname <sha1-of-commit>
Posted by: Guest on September-14-2021

create a branch from old commit

git log --author=<name or email> // get user (press enter to find exact one)
git checkout -b justin a9c146a09505837ec03b //create and checkout branch
Posted by: Guest on July-14-2020

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