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git cancel last commit

git reset --soft HEAD~1
Posted by: Guest on March-30-2020

remove commit from github

# First remove it form git
git reset --soft HEAD~1

# Second remove it form github
git push -f origin HEAD^:master
Posted by: Guest on August-18-2021

remove commits from github

git clone 'VerybadRepo.git'
cd VeryBadRepo.git
git log
(find and copy "commit id"  )
git rebase -i "commit id"
remove line with unwanted commits ; save and close editor
git  push -f origin master/main
Posted by: Guest on October-04-2021

how to delete old commits in github

git reset --hard HEAD^
git push origin -f
Posted by: Guest on December-03-2020

delete commit

git checkout master
git reset --hard e3f1e37
git push --force origin master
# Then to prove it (it won't print any diff)
git diff master..origin/master
Posted by: Guest on November-18-2020

remove commit from github

# To to remove already pushed commit!
git push -f origin HEAD^:master
Posted by: Guest on July-13-2021

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