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terminal reverse search

Ctrl + r to enable reverse search
Press again Ctrl + r to search the next entry
Posted by: Guest on May-07-2021

reverse serach linux


...solved it for me AFTER using...

stty -ixon
If CTRL+S doesn't work for you is because according to Vincenzo Pii's accepted answer in another related thread:

The problem is that this binding, in many terminals, is used by default to send the pause transmission code (XOF).

As in man stty:

    enable XON/XOFF flow control
So, if you have this option enabled on your terminal (the output of stty -a contains ixon withouth the - sign in front), you cannot use CTRL+S in the context of reverse-i-search.

To disable it, use the following command:

stty -ixon
And CTRL+S will give you a (i-search) (non reverse).
Posted by: Guest on December-04-2020

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