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| First Header  | Second Header |
| ------------- | ------------- |
| Content Cell  | Content Cell  |
| Content Cell  | Content Cell  |
Posted by: Guest on August-14-2020

github markdown table of contents example

<!-- Where ever you want a table of contents item to be, which will
present itself as a hyperlink that will navigate to the part of the 
page you want it to, use the syntax below -->

- [Example Table of Contents Item](#Example-Table-of-Contents-Item)

# Shanah Capstone Project Description

- [OneWord](#OneWord)

# Shanah Capstone Project Description

<!-- What is in the square brackets is the text that will appear
in the hyperlink, and in the curved bracket is what is used to navigate
so you can keep the Text the same just separate the words with hyphens
then use a markdown heading for the point you want to navigate to
Posted by: Guest on February-12-2021

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