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show remote git

# If you require full output and you are on a network that can reach the remote repo where the origin resides 
git remote show origin
Posted by: Guest on March-23-2020

add remote origin git

$ git remote add origin
# Set a new remote

$ git remote -v
# Verify new remote
> origin (fetch)
> origin (push)
Posted by: Guest on April-22-2020

git push remote

git push -u origin master // where 'master' is branch name
Posted by: Guest on March-18-2021

git how to add remote

git remote add new_repo_name ssh://[email protected]:foo/bar/baz.git
# Note the new_repo_name. This doesn't replace your origin.
git remote -v
# The above will display
new_repo_name (fetch)
new_repo_name (push)
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
Posted by: Guest on March-31-2020

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